How do I synchronise stocks on my e-commerce site

  • You have one or more stock warehouses
  • You want to synchronise your shop stocks with your e-commerce site

Here's the MOSAIQ solution to make your project a reality


Connections with your IS

Whatever the configuration of your company, the software you use (ERP / WMS / POS) and the exchange protocols, MOSAIQ will be able to connect with your existing systems to set up stock data flows and thus have stock information available in real time.

Defining the e-commerce workflow

The next step is to define inventory management rules vs. ecommerce ordering logic:

  • pooled stocks for all, or separate stocks for different targets?
  • priority rules for stock counts
  • buffer stocks
  • product deactivation rules …

Once the scenario is well defined, we transpose these rules into the MOSAIQ processes


Automated management

Once the scenario is well defined, we transpose these rules into the MOSAIQ processes

The stock processing and management chain is fully automated in MOSAIQ. Information is available in real time, and you have perfect knowledge of your different stock levels.


Monbana connects its shop stocks to its e-commerce website

Monbana is a chocolate manufacturer that markets its chocolate products (for drinking, eating, cooking and gift-giving) through a network of 27 franchised boutiques. In the wake of the COVID crisis, Monbana decided to seamlessly link its store inventories to its e-commerce site, in order to showcase Click&Collect.

  • Click&Collect
  • Real-time store inventory
  • B2C e-commerce