How to set up a multi-supplier purchasing platform

  • You are a B2C or B2B distributor and want to move to a marketplace model that includes new suppliers
  • You are a pure digital player and want to set up a new marketplace
  • Marketplace model vs dropshipping logic

Here is the MOSAIQ solution to make your project a reality


Supplier module

Each supplier has secure access to consult their data and interact with the marketplace processes. This includes

  • managing their profile
  • uploading their shipping costs
  • uploading products & offers to the marketplace
  • order processing and shipping
  • invoicing and commercial reporting

Multi-supplier orders

If a customer order contains several products from different suppliers, MOSAIQ automatically processes the dispatch of products to each supplier. It then supervises the dispatch of each shipment to inform the customer.

On the customer side, data management remains centralised within the same order, guaranteeing a better shopping experience.


Statistics & reporting

Suppliers can consult a dashboard of their sales activity, including sales trends, the best-performing products, statistics on service quality, etc.

Administrators can create customised dashboards to monitor all the entities operating within the marketplace.

Management of financial flows

Our solution handles the management of financial flows between all parties (buyers, suppliers, marketplace administrator).

More specifically, it integrates the marketplace’s commission scheme according to the model chosen by the operator (fixed fee or percentage of turnover). MOSAIQ produces commission invoices and accounting exports for financial analysis and tax returns.



JeBricole launches its DIY and home decoration marketplace is a marketplace that brings together DIY enthusiasts and independent French retailers. Its ambition is to become one of the leaders in DIY e-commerce in France. Since its launch, the platform has offered around a hundred thousand DIY, gardening and home improvement products.

  • +100,000 product references
  • 150 sellers
  • Automatic product mapping
  • Split / multi-supplier order reconciliation
  • JeBricole-reference
  • Access to the site
  • More references