(Product Information Management)

PIM makes it easier for marketing, sales and IT teams to prepare product information and distribute content to web and print media.


In a world where the customer experience is becoming increasingly important, Product Information Management (PIM) is becoming an essential link for marketing and sales professionals. Its role is to centralise, enrich and structure all product data (characteristics, offers, marketing data, media, etc.) so that product information can be customised for each sales medium (B2C, B2B, marketplaces, etc.) and communication channel (social networks, paper catalogue, etc.).


The product management tool for Marketing, Sales and IT

No more Excel spreadsheets to deal with! No more tedious interactions with ERP systems! Now it’s time for a unifying tool designed for marketing. MOSAIQ PIM is the new gathering point for all your product data (technical, sales, marketing, relational, translation, SEO, etc.). It enables you to aggregate this heterogeneous data into a single, structured repository that can be easily modified to suit your needs.

Customised data mapping and business rules

Thanks to its modular architecture and numerous connectors, MOSAIQ PIM can be implemented in any organisation (SME / Key Accounts / International). Our consultants will work with you to map your data, define your new product repository and propose the best integration scenario for your IT ecosystem. The software is scalable and can manage your company’s specific business rules.


The control tower for your multi-channel strategy

Much more than just a repository, MOSAIQ PIM lets you control the publication of your data on every marketing and sales medium. Personalise and contextualise all your content (brands, prices, photos, etc.), your product sheets and your feeds, so you can always offer an ideal customer experience.


The Monderer Group restructures its product repository to improve sales on marketplaces

The Monderer Group has a long history of selling and trading shoes and fashion accessories. To develop its online business, the group has redesigned its entire product database using Mosaiq

  • Product data management (France and international)
  • Media management
  • Supplier data integration
  • Multi-distribution (several ecommerce sites + Marketplaces)