How to manage a multi-channel e-commerce platform

  • You are addressing several target groups on different web/mobile media
  • You sell B2C and B2B simultaneously
  • You export your products internationally, with different commercial rules for different countries

Here's the MOSAIQ solution to make your project a reality


Customised multi-stream management

MOSAIQ becomes the central back office for all your digital activities. Thanks to its headless logic, it’s easy to pull feeds to different independent Fronts (one per segment/country/support), giving free rein to the customer experience. MOSAIQ prepares the data for each channel, distributes it and then recovers all the orders to process them.

Full connection with your ERP or WMS

If you already have an ERP, MOSAIQ adapts to your existing system and generates all the data flows between your ERP and the ecommerce platform (product / stock / orders / invoicing).

If you are an exclusively digital retailer, you don’t necessarily need an ERP. A WMS (for stock management and shipping) + MOSAIQ can do the job.


Dashboards & reporting

To monitor your digital business, create your own statistical widgets and performance indicators. For accounting exports and/or business reporting, we can produce customised periodic reports (weekly, monthly, etc.).


Air France Shopping multiplies sales channels tailored to each target

Air France is redeploying its Shopping division on MOSAIQ and entering the era of personalisation for each of its targets (general public, Flying Blue programme, employees, flight crew, internal purchasing departments, B2B)

  • Personalised offers (products, prices)
  • Identification systems based on Air France group tools
  • A single back office to manage all channels
  • Consolidated dashboards and reporting