How to customise your catalogue and prices by sales channel

  • You market your stock to different targets (B2C / B2B) or for export to several countries
  • You have specific commercial agreements with each target/zone
  • You sell products individually or in bags/cartons, depending on the targets

Here's the MOSAIQ solution to make your project a reality


Defining targets and rules

Before taking action, we need to define the rules of the game:

  • Who are the targets and how will they interact on the front end?
  • Does everyone connect to the same site, or does each target have a separate access URL?
  • Are the products/brands available to all targets, or just some?

Depending on the kinematics selected, we can then specify the operating rules in MOSAIQ


Once in production, MOSAIQ acts as a data orchestra conductor: for each product, it prepares all the data relating to the target populations upstream, taking into account the eligibility and personalisation rules defined at the previous stage.

It then sends the Front End(s) a data stream specific to each target (price/offer/packaging), which simply needs to be restored to its environment. And that’s it!



Air France Shopping multiplies sales channels tailored to each target

Air France is redeploying its Shopping division on MOSAIQ and entering the era of personalisation for each of its targets (general public, Flying Blue programme, employees, flight crew, internal purchasing departments, B2B)

  • Personalised offers (products, prices)
  • Identification systems based on Air France group tools
  • A single back office to manage all channels
  • Consolidated dashboards and reporting