Integrating shops with e-commerce towards a Web2store experience


Company: Monbana
Sector: Fabrication de produits chocolatés
Location: France

Main features

  • In-Store Stocks
  • B2B e-commerce / Multi-store
  • Data publishing


Overcoming Covid and digitalising the physical sales network

A specialist in chocolate powder since 1934, Chocolaterie Monbana heads up a network of 27 shops (some directly operated, others franchised). In spring 2020, the confinement caused by the COVID crisis severely disrupted the activity of the physical network, and Monbana wanted to anticipate future crises by organising a Web2Store system.

Monbana already had a standard e-commerce site, which marketed its own range. A way had to be found to connect the boutique stocks to this site, in addition to the existing one.


More than just Click&Collect

To do this, we deployed Mosaïq’s Click&Collect module. This connects directly to each shop’s till software to import stocks and local offers. It also allows each shop manager to enrich their offer (with content and photos) to make it eligible for presentation in an ecommerce catalogue.

But beyond Click&Collect, the site opens up new omnichannel perspectives:

  • each boutique stock (24 points of sale) is now directly connected live to the e-commerce site. With a simple click, you can switch from the web to the shop of your choice, and vice versa.
  • the 24 boutiques can each sell exclusive products on the site (e.g. garnished compositions). This is made possible by our “point of sale” extension, which acts as a link between the shop checkout and the e-commerce site (enhanced product data sheet).


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