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MOSAÏQ PRINT is our solution for digitalising the design and production of your catalogues and print media, saving you time and money.
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A popular medium for many consumers, catalogues remain an essential means of communication for companies. However, the sheer volume and heterogeneity of the data can make catalogue design and updating time-consuming. Discover our automatic page layout solutions and significantly improve your productivity.

Watcht the principle of Data publishing catalogues layout

Find out in just two minutes how MOSAIQ PRINT’s automatic page layout will revolutionise the design of your paper catalogues and brochures. The result is a new way of working for your teams, with significant time and budget savings.


Immediate profitability

Thanks to our know-how of product databases and our digital expertise, you can optimise production times and resources and achieve considerable economies of scale. On average, our customers save 30% of their budget on their first catalogue publication with MOSAIQ PRINT, and even more with each variant or variation (multilingual or multicurrency versions, price updates, seasonal updates, etc.).

Peace of mind

Forget the risk of errors inherent in traditional manual design. MOSAIQ PRINT directly connects your product database and all its information (titles, descriptions, attributes, photos) with your catalogue mock-ups, ensuring perfect transposition and very simple updates or corrections. This makes the catalogue proofreading phase before approval of the proofs much easier.

  • A structured database
  • Preserved creative freedom
  • Perfect deliverables

5-star service

Even when processes are automated, MOSAIQ PRINT retains the logic of tailor-made solutions and human expertise. We advise, check, adjust and validate at every stage of the process. Your projects are designed with your expectations and specific requirements in mind. Our layout templates respect your brief and your graphic charter. In the end, we deliver high-quality, GWG-2015-certified PDF documents, ready to be printed by your printing partner…

  • Expert work, from A to Z
  • No more time-consuming and error-prone copy/paste work
  • Easier proofreading


Hatier automates the design of its paper catalogues and brochures

With Mosaiq Print, Hatier is changing the way it creates its paper catalogues and brochures, with productivity gains of up to 70%. Greater convenience, fewer errors and faster generation of variations.

  • Data import and standardisation
  • Injection of data into InDesign templates
  • Print-quality document generation